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Ponekker Zoltán

I'm the one who's continuously hacking MPlayer's GUI, at least when I have time to do so. I tried to make the thing quickly expansible, because MPlayer's functions are rapidly increasing in numbers. They are very hard to keep track with. Like when I implemented a codec interface into the GUI and next day it has changed, I had to restart. I can't dig deeper due to lack of free time, but I try my best. I've just began a mass-rewrite to make it more overseeable, because - as the player is skinnable - I have to implement many different things, to be ready for new skins. There are already much skins, mostly all the concurrent players' skins are available for MPlayer. I tried to design the usage to be simple, so when an average users sits before it, he just knows what to do.Well you can see the advantages and disadvantages of CVS right now, this bug wasn't present two days ago. While I wasn't developing it, somebody may have changed something, resulting in this little bug.

Right now I support 5 video outputs, because these were the only ones I had hardware for. These are the just mentioned Matrox kernel driver, the X11, Xv, Vidix, and the DXR3 - or Hollywood Plus - driver. The latter is done so even AVI playback is possible, on a fast hardware.

English translation done by Gabucino

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