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MPlayer Documentation


MPlayer comes with extensive documentation that explains in detail how to solve or work around most common problems, how to best set up MPlayer on your system and how to achieve optimal performance.

The most common questions are collected in the FAQ. If you are looking for a specific thing you can try to search the documentation to find a solution.

Information about MPlayer internals and other development related aspects can be found in the tech section of the documentation.

The online documentation is generated nightly from the Subversion HEAD version of MPlayer. If you are using a release you may notice some changes and thus prefer to use the documentation that comes with your installation. Translations to several languages are available. The master version is English, but the translations are up-to-date unless marked otherwise.

The manual page for MPlayer and MEncoder describes all available command line options and how to control MPlayer with the keyboard. It is also regenerated nightly from the Subversion HEAD version of MPlayer.

We continuously strive to improve and extend the documentation. If you find omissions, errors or inaccuracies, please tell us on the MPlayer-DOCS mailing list. If the documentation is not (yet) available in your language and you are interested in translating it, please read the translation HOWTO and join the MPlayer-DOCS mailing list. We always welcome new translations. Also, the available translations can always use a helping hand, especially those marked as outdated, incomplete or in need of new translators.

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