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Report: MPlayer team at the IV. GNU/Linux conference in Hungary
by Gabucino

About this conference

It was all about internationalization, that's all I know :D How did we come about then, you ask? Well our sponsor UHU-Linux (who was one of the main sponsors of this event) would have liked our humble persons to be present. So we said "hey why not, we meet extremely rarely anyways", and made the preparations. It was clear that the whole MPlayer Core Team: A'rpi, Pontscho, al3x, and me (Gabucino) would come.

Unfortunaly in the end we didn't make the RTFM T-shirts in the end (where each of us would wear one of the letters, we could wave, etc:). Maybe next time.


The event took place in Budapest (capital of Hungary), in some Grand Hotel. al3x and I live in Szeged so we had to travel by train to catch up with A'rpi and Pontscho, being already in Pest. The train was obviously full of Linux users from Szeged. When word spread about two MPlayer developers being on-board, we were immediately transported to a luxury-car with some babes given to our service... Well that wasn't quite how it was :DD So we arrived at Budapest. The four of us met at the Blaha Square. This was the biggest meeting of MPlayer developers so far. I already met A'rpi and Pontscho at the Flag 2002 party some months ago, so this was al3x's initiation :)

And so the band walks around cheerfully, thinking about world domination, MPlayer Operating System, idle chitchat.


Arriving at the Hotel, we quickly (2 weeks) got inside. Hey. No girls here, so let's run like hell! ... Oh well. Hey and this is some surveillance system on a projector. We immediately saw it has a shit swscaler so it can't be MPlayer. Taking a look at the monitor: hey this windowmanager resembles Win98. Very much. Luckily the first discourse was about to begin, thus we managed to escape.

Later in the day: the discourse of projects sponsored by UHU-Linux

That's also our one. After the neat BSD talk was over, A'rpi connected his notebook to the projector - he has already made a presentation using OpenOffice. Pontscho was also going to have a speech, so they fired up the GUI.. Just to find the seekbar broken :) They had some debugging but with no effect, the only thing achieved was the delaying of the start :) Arpi's and Pontscho's speech (with the presentation pictures) can be downloaded separately from this report from the MPlayer homepage, in hungarian and english languages.

The other shows were not of much interest, so after having a sad(?) farewell, we split, and we of Szeged catch our train and head for home. Thanks to Tamás Herman we had constant ROTFL until arrival, since he was showing some "OS" called Squeak, with the help of his flute ;)))

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